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Youth Development & Faculty Empowerment Workshops

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Youth Development

We are at an important juncture in history where we have started moving from being a developing country to a developed Nation. Every thing is moving at a fast pace, be it technology, science, and even our lives too.

Added to this, almost two thirds of our populations are in the age group eligible to work. Our population is the world’s youngest and we have more than 500 million people under the age group of Twenty-Five. This puts us at an advantage of having the largest workforce and the opportunity to prosper and make this world a better place. Facing the existing challenges, it is imperative that we move into the future with heart full of confidence.

In these times, Empowering youth is empowering the Nation. They need motivation, understanding and the required knowledge to make themselves more productive and happier. It is the adaptability to the frantic pace of changes that will lead to success in this unpredictable environment of constant change. To build a successful career and become a world citizen, it is not just the technical skills, but skills of resilience, empathy, creativity, flexibility and adoptability that will define success.

Our programs are designed to enable youth face challenges of the competitive world and equips them with the skills required to plan and build strong career. It is our greatest responsibility to train and empower them to become global citizens with their roots fixed deep and taking pride in our culture.

Career Guidance

Opening our economy to Globalisation has brought new opportunities and with it new set of challenges. There are hundreds of courses and job opportunities to choose from and spend their valuable life time. However the challenges are also huge and comes in the form of stiff competition between companies and individuals. The availability of unlimited mixed up information on the internet is another challenge in addition to the age induced hormonal and culture induced societal problems.

At this juncture, the student undergoes a lot of mental churn and eagerly looks for help outside. It is not about the available subject or career options, but the decisions to be made that puts them into turmoil.

The secret of understanding their passion and better understanding of self will be highly motivating and will help them in taking better decisions. It is all about find The Ikigai.

Faculty Empowerment

Teachers are said to be pivot of country development. They are the ones who produce all other professionals and lead us into the future. Be it doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, poets, artists etc., In these confusing times where the student is bombarded with unlimited knowledge, it becomes more relevant for the teacher to make his students walk with confidence into the futuristic world, holding high - ethics and moral values.

Teachers role is not just limited to imparting knowledge, but giving wisdom and bringing out creativity while bringing happiness in their lives. Life skills should become the foundation for every student to prosper and make this a world family. When diversity becomes celebration and turns to shades of colourfulness then will be the time for blossoming of beautiful minds. The role of a teacher has moved from the walls of the classroom to the outer space and the Universe. It's not just stirring up the soul but becoming an inspiration is all that matters. In this time of rapid Globalisation, A teachers role is becoming more and more important.

This program is to help the teaching faculty to empower themselves in playing their role more consciously than ever.

Workshop Facilitators


Qishore Danda


Hanumantha Rao


Shubham Kaur