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How do I reduce frustration, anger and irritation?

With a combination of some deep understanding of the problem, beautiful techniques, and consistent practice added with patience, this is achievable.

Who is the first victim of your anger? Obviously it is YOU. Because it is you who is getting hurt inside even before it is expressed. The result is more harder. When you express your anger or frustration, You will end up breaking that relationship or hurting yourself.Complete LOSS to you. When you know this clearly, you will definitely will move away from it.

Some of the reasons to become angry, frustrated or irritated are:
-When we have too much work and little time to complete
-Many expectations, difficulty in managing
-Not interested
-When we think the work given to us is very low (not to my standard)
-Useless work
-Much work, little pay
-Other person not able to understand
-No proper communication
-Work allocated suddenly
-Behavioural problems with others etc.,
This will itself become the size of an encyclopaedia.

some techniques to overcome these emotions:
Short time:
-Count numbers from 1 to 30 when you are little angry, a hundred when much angry.
-Observe the change of breath. You tend to breath fast when angry. When you start observing your breath, it will start slowing down and you will become calm after some time.
-Slowly move away from that situation or place.
-Take a walk
-Sit in the lap of nature and set your gaze on the farther end of earth, the meeting place of the earth and the sky. Or look up at the sky for a few seconds. Keep changing your field of observation every minute for some time.
-Ignore the situation, Call your dearest friend and talk on a different topic.
Long term:
-Do not multi-task. Take up one at a time.
-Always have time for contemplation
-Plan your day.
-Eat healthy, do work outs
-Pranayama, Yoga & Meditation
-Take out time for yourself, go on some trips with your dearest ones.
-Read books, develop some hobbies
-Join some organization of your interests
Many more…..

WHENEVER YOU ARE ANGRY OR IRRITATED, BECOME AWARE OF THOSE SENSATIONS INSIDE YOU. As this observation increases, these emotions will go away over a period of time.