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What do you do to calm your mind?

Mind is always unstable and that is the reason we call it monkey mind.

If you want to attract the fish, you throw a bait. Similarly, to increase focus and bring in the wandering mind and pull it from all distractions, you need to engage it in some activity.

There are many ways of managing it like
- Go on a trek
- Focus on your breath
- Visit some new place
- Do some chanting or perform a puja
- Get on to the treadmill or an exercise regime
- Engage and immerse yourself in some activity
- Try to help others in need (pick up a Seva project)
- Talk to ill people, poorest people, destitute etc., and try to help them and observe them from close quarter.
- Grow some pets or plant some trees
- Play with children
- Socialize more and make more friends
- Take interest in music, art etc.,
- Learn pranayama, yoga and meditation
- Prioritize your work, divide your schedule and deploy pomodoro timer etc.,
There are many techniques both short time and permanent to achieve this.

The nature of the mind is such that it always oscillates between past and future. It never stays in the present moment. One thing we should do is, we should stop regretting about the past or worry about future. We should live in the present moment. Worrying or Regretting depletes our energy whereas living in the present moment brings in awareness. There are many techniques to bring the wavering mind to a calm state. One of the best techniques is to observe breath. Also, Pranayama can do wonders here. When done properly and slowly can calm down the mind to a great extent. If you add Yoga and Meditation to it, I am sure you can bring in the required changes on a permanent level.