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Everyone says our mind should be blank during meditation but nobody tells us how to do it, what is the best way to do it?

To make our mind blank during meditation or to achieve anything with the mind, first of all let us understand the nature of the mind. It always moves like a pendulum either into the past or into the future. It never stays in the present. If you observe it, you can see unending thoughts going on in your mind. Now the question is how to make it blank?

Let us understand the Thought Pattern:
-Have you observed your breath when you are angry? You will have faster breaths and many thoughts are going on in your mind.
-Suppose you are on a beautiful hill facing the sea and watching a sunrise, how is your breath at this moment? You will have longer breaths. And how is your state of mind? You will have less thoughts and you look peaceful.

From the above example, you can clearly see a link between your thoughts and your breath. If you can handle your breath, you can handle your mind and thoughts. This is where pranayama (control of breath) helps you in slowing down your thoughts. Rhythmic breathing or techniques like Sudarshana Kriya taught in Art of Living-Happiness program will also help you achieve this. Some of the other techniques include:

Observation of breath:
When you close your eyes and sit in meditation, become aware of your breath. Observe the incoming breath and outgoing breath. Let your breath happen naturally and do not hold it. Just observe how it is flowing inside and out. Be with your breath. After some time, you can observe the slowness in your breath and reduction in the frequency of your thoughts.

Observation of thoughts:
When you close your eyes and sit in meditation, you should become an observer. An observer of thoughts. Never resist your thoughts. The more you resist, the more it persists. Just be an observer, do not be judgmental about those thoughts and do not try to get involved. Either good thoughts or bad thoughts, just observe them as if they are passing clouds. They will be like moving pictures in a movie. Let them pass and do not focus. LET GO is our mantra. As you practice this letting go of your thoughts, you can see that the frequency of thoughts will slowly go down.

After some consistent practice, you will be able to achieve the thoughtless state. The secret here is consistent practice. There are many other ways too for achieving this thought less state. Your sincere effort and consistent practice will help you achieve this.