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WHow do I meditate? Can one meditate sitting on a bed?

How do I meditate:
Please consider the following factors before sitting for meditation:

Time of the day: It is advisable to start your meditation during early hours. Brahma Muhurtham (approx.48 minutes before sunrise) is said to be the best time for meditation. It is not fixed and you can do it any part of the day as per your availability.

State of Mind: Do not sit with expectations of achieving anything in meditation. JUST BE. You should start with: I am nothing, I do nothing, I want nothing. Do it with no expectations, with a feeling of surrender and in complete stillness. Few minutes of Pranayama before meditation will help in reduction of thoughts.

Clothes: Wear some plain loose clothes (for convenience sake)

Place: peaceful environment with no disturbances and also no children and pets around. Children tend to mimic you or may disturb you. You don’t want to get disturbed half way through meditation.

Posture: Sthira-Sukham Asanam. It means your posture should be steady and comfortable.You can sit in Padmasana or ArdhaPadmasana or Sukhasana or any comfortable sitting asana of your choice. Sit comfortably and easily. Do not slouch. Keep your backbone, shoulders and head straight.

There are many types and ways of doing meditation. Initially you can start with some guided meditations(like Sri Sri RaviShankar Gurujis guided meditation videos available on YouTube for free). Ensure there are no ads coming up during meditation. They will cause unnecessary disturbance.

Can one meditate sitting on a bed?

A beautiful and big castle can only be built on a strong foundation. As per Patanjali yoga sutras, your sitting posture should be like Shtira-Sukham Asanam. It means your posture should be steady, stable and comfortable.If your bed can provide you with these features, you can use it without any hesitation. You can sit on a floor, chair, bed, whatever it is…. your seat and posture should give you stability and should be comfortable.